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Discord integration/bot

Discord integration/bot

Status: Open Ideas

Integration with discord (or a discord bot) would be fantastic. We can already share our Pandora stations with others by just handing them the URL, but being able to listen together in a Discord voice channel would be a less clunky way to listen to music together.

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Local Performer

Following, I guess Pandora just wants Spotify to capitalize on this space

Local Performer

Maybe you could make a bot that would integrate pandaora with discord?

Local Performer

As youtube pulls themselves off of discord, spotify may be cornering this. Discord is growing every day. I have a couple hundred people on one of my servers, and we talk constantly about the lack of music availabilty. Pandora comes up in every conversation as our first choice by a long shot. I beg you to make this happen

Local Performer

id pay for this over nitro please consider

Local Performer

As a fellow discord user i would LOVE this

Local Performer

This seems to be popular and I am on board with everyone seeing this as a good feature. I am seriously thinking about switching to Spotify seeing this request is at least 1 year and 1 day old.