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Feature Request: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Feature Request: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

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As an avid Pandora user, I (like many others I presume) spend a decent amount of time & energy to curate my various stations. 

In my efforts I have occasionally come across some incorrectly labeled bands/songs/albums...  I believe this happens when more than one band/artist share a (similar) name; however, this can cause some havoc when streamlining a station for a specific genre.

For example, my station, "Goes to 11" features various metal and rock bands.  While delving into some doom metal bands I came across 'Funeral', a Norwegian Funeral Doom Metal band.  To my pleasure, Pandora has them as an available artist (unfortunately Orodruin is not - sad face); however, clicking on their artist page seems to feature what appears to be a rap/hip-hop act named 'Funeral' with a single song "Die Lit" (with the rest of Norway's 'Funeral' doom metal albums beneath.  Mind you, I have no problem with rap/hip-hop but (if I liked this song) I'd categorize it under my 'What? Yeah! Okaaaaaay!" station.  Please note that this isn't the only time that I have come across an error such as this.

Might Pandora consider adding a feature where listeners can "report" when a song/artist/album seems to be mislabeled or grouped incorrectly.  These reports could then be reviewed for accuracy and corrections made as appropriate.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I love the service!




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Agreed, i’d like to see an option to report bugs directly within the Pandora app. 


Just curious how many "hearts" a feature request needs before it is considered?

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Just technical feedback on a single cut.  Darren Lyons' "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" freezes at 7:02 minutes (with an indication beside it that the song actually ends at 7:11 minutes).  I don't know how to get this message to Pandora's techs.

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Hey devs, please input a button function big highlighted option to "suggest edit " songs. What i mean is allow us to open edit the song profile lyrics. So as we listen to the song we can input the correct lyrics for say a new song, or song that's old but doesn't have lyrics.  Have it make a copy and send the suggested edit copy to the artist.  Let them proof it and Y/N it.  It'll be a good way for Pandora to complete its archive as well and users who wanna contribute can do so in a big helpful way. 

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I bought the premium and I still have ads and still have limited skips. Anyones help would be nice

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I was looking through prodigy of mobb deep solo stuff and I came to find out his music catalog is under the wrong name! I guess they get the rapper prodigy mixed up with the rock band The prodigy!🤔

I'm shocked. Shocked.