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Feature Request: Ability to view billing history

Feature Request: Ability to view billing history

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 

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This really needs to happen where i can go to my account and print a receipt. Having to respond to a thread every month is getting ridiculous.



Local Performer

I need a receipt for my October 2022 billing. Is this too much to ask that you make this automatic?

Local Performer

I too, am experiencing the same issue - no receipts for monthly billing. I have to request a receipt to be emailed to me, every month. That's a little backwards, no? 

Curious if it's worth using a different provider just to avoid wasted time...

Local Performer

Please make a way to have receipts available thought the app or web browswer