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Feature Request: Add dark mode to the community

Feature Request: Add dark mode to the community

Status: Open Ideas

I love how pandora has a dark mode but the Community still has to deal with a bright white background while using the Community Forums. Please add a dark mode, my eyes will thank and I would spend more time using this. I am sure others would appreciate this as well.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @SansVarnic! Thanks for posting your feedback.

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like yours definitely helps.

Hope to see you around community more!

Opening Act

I was about to post this same thing just now cuz when I searched "dark mode," everything that came up was about the app on mobile or PC, but this one didn't show for some reason.  Glad the system has me search again just prior to letting me post a duplicate! 😄

Yes, I'd LOVE it if there was an option for dark mode for the forums.  I'm on here a lot more when we're on night shift(we switch several times throughout the year) but yea, having the background being a blinding WHITE is pretty much the worst.  My screen can only get so dim! 😵