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Feature Request: Allow Modes in shuffle

Feature Request: Allow Modes in shuffle

Status: Open Ideas

I really like the new modes feature, but my understanding is that if a self-created station has been modified with a mode, and that station is included in a shuffle, the shuffle will not pick up the mode on the station. I would like to have this feature added. Thanks.

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Local Performer

Sent a message via LinkedIn to Jennifer Witz (CEO of SiriusXM/Pandora).  Will be surprised if I get an answer, but it's worth a try. LOL

Local Performer

Just echoing this wish.  I have over 200 artist stations yet I hear the rotation of songs over and over again.  Sometimes the same song will play several times on the same day.

I know the DEEP CUTS option is ignored on station shuffle.  That is unfortunate, as I love it when shuffle brings up music I haven't heard before.

I recently learned about the songs-on-the-shelf option and have been clicking that on practically every track that plays for the last two days.  Shuffle is starting to bring up some different tunes, but it's also continuing to play tracks that I've shelved rather than selecting other tracks from the same artist.

I don't understand why the spectrum of music played with a station shuffle needs to be so narrow.

Local Performer

On shuffle you should update it to be able to do crowds favorites and others if everyone wants to hear it in different ways instead of the same old stuff 


@jademartinez21 I moved your post over to this existing Feature Request: Modes in Shuffle

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