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Feature Request: Blocking/ Muting Artists & Genres

Feature Request: Blocking/ Muting Artists & Genres

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New Feature Idea: Create Rules about what bands you never want to hear.  If I select a Genre but there are certain bands I never want to hear, there should be a way to create a rule. i.e. I select the 70's Rock Genre but I never want to hear any music from Sting, Rush, Styx, Journey, Kiss, etc.  then allow me to create a rule eliminating them fron the selection algorithm.

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@kadess26You can't. And when there's an artist who they benefit from playing you over and over again Pandora's thumbs down feature doesn't work either. This thread (and specific block artist feature request) has been going on for sometime now, maybe several years. Falls on deaf ears.

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I would like to block kadess26 from posting on pandora, how do I do this? Or will s/he be eventually removed from pandora? As much as I love pandora, commentary from kadess26 has no place anywhere. How can this be fixed? Thank you.

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The fact this isn't a standard feature is having me second-guess continuing my subscription.

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Need this please

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Separate, but not to replace, to the song like and dislike feature, and if possible on the same screen, I imagine convenience in an additional artist like or dislike feature. This could save future dislike from artists you dislike, as well as keep artists from appearing less, that you enjoy but dislike certain  songs of theirs. 
DJS Double Oh Word?

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PLEASE MAKE ARTIST BLOCKING AVAILABLE! it’s so irritating having to stop what you’re doing to downvote a song by an artist you've downvoted a million times with no actual effect. This feature would make Pandora the gold star of music streaming.

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 I don't see a way to do this, but find it horribly annoying and a little offensive. Just like someone who prefers not to listen to explicit music, well, I don't want (in this case, it's been Christian and clearly religious "Jesus" songs) popping up in my stations. I don't feel the need to block the artist, but there is no reason to have these clearly religious songs popping up in a station that has nothing to do with it (not talking about a Christmas station here).

I didn't have this issue for years, so not sure why these songs are now getting promoted - clearly it's a promotion as it was not an issue (with the same station) in the past, but now seems to be happening regularly.

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