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Feature Request: Customize stations based on track features (Instrumental, genre, explicit)

Feature Request: Customize stations based on track features (Instrumental, genre, explicit)

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Pandora has a "music DNA" system where they figure out the DNA of a song or artist and then play more stuff like that.

It's called the Music Genome Project (

It would be nice to be able to skip the "song or artist" part and just write the DNA yourself.


Pandora sometimes does a shallow job of figuring out the DNA of a song.  It's impossible for them to tell what you like about the song, and it's likely they'll focus on the wrong aspects.  Being able to specify the aspects would solve this problem.


Let users add or remove DNA items.  Maybe let them specify priority of these DNA items as well.


Only as is easily approachable from a development perspective, suggested interactions
* Add music genomes positively (like)
* Add music genomes negatively (dislike)
* Remove/clean up music genomes (no relevance)
* Genome priority rating system?  (eg rating in range [100, -100] where 100 means songs must have genome and -100 means songs must NOT have genome)


explicit(-100), instrumental(50), jazzy(80) => jazzy instrumental songs (emphasis on jazzy) which do not include expletives

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@Seph i really love the idea of sharing station / music taste DNA online or with others.

like imagine taking your thumbs up station DNA, match it with some friends, and then creating a "group DNA" station for hangouts. not manually, obviously. but in a way that isnt completely opaque.

or at the very least, allowing APIs for third party apps to do it.

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Yes, please implement this!!

Local Performer

Let me just begin by saying I have subscribed, and unsubscribed from Pandora several times. Each time I unsubscribe is for the same reason: there is not enough user control over how a station chooses songs to play. My primary reason for using Pandora, like many people is to find new music to love that I haven’t heard before.

The “discovery” mode for stations is new for me in my most recent return to Pandora, and it’s a step in the right direction, but I’m still really disappointed that Pandora has still not implemented any way for users to choose what types of track features (“DNA”) are prioritized in finding music!

We are told that choosing a station based on a song rather than an artist will yield better results, but it doesn’t. When I start a station based on a particular song by an artist, for example, a folk artist but the particular song features horns and other elements that aren’t normally found in folk music, I still get a station that selects run-of-the-mill folks songs and does not emphasize that *this is a folk song that is not a normal folk song and challenges the boundaries of what folk music means*. This is just one example.

Over the past 10 or so years that I have tried and re-tried using Pandora, its limitations always leave me feeling like I simply can’t get what I want out of it. 

Please, please, PLEASE, give users more options for customizing how stations select music. Let us CHOOSE what DNA track features are used in selecting songs to play. I genuinely don’t understand why this still isn’t an option. It would make using Pandora so much more useful. 

For now, I will probably continue using Pandora for a month or two and then unsubscribe again, as I can already see how the stations I’m making are ending up just like the last time I did this. If I had better options I would definitely stay subscribed. Just saying.