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Feature Request: Instrumental tracks only setting

Feature Request: Instrumental tracks only setting

Status: Open Ideas

I request that there be a setting switch to indicate that a station should play only instrumental tracks, in other words do not play tracks with vocals.

I do a lot of writing and can really cruise to instrumental music- vocals interfere with my concentrating on my own "inner voice". I have a half dozen different genre stations in which I've systematically given "thumbs down" to each vocal track. Still Pandora is delivering vocal tracks in these stations. Apparently it is not actually possible to train Pandora's stations very well, so we need a force setting to help.

Conversely just to be fair, there could be another switch to play only vocal tracks for others.

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Local Performer

In my experience, it takes upfront training and then constant vigilance to maintain "instrumental only" status. You should be able to force instrumental only.


Can anyone explain why, when I type "Instrumental" in the search bar and search for STATIONS, all these stations come up that are called instrumental...and then play songs with people singing lyrics??!! Um, that's NOT instrumental!  When I'm studying, I don't want to be distracted by lyrics and JUST want background instrumentals. Does Pandora not understand that instrumental means no songs being sung, just music?