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Feature Request: Remove "rock critics" opinions on the album notes?

Feature Request: Remove "rock critics" opinions on the album notes?

Status: Open Ideas

Hi, I love Pandora and use it all the time, but I keep encountering something in the interface that really bugs me.  Often, the album notes for music I'm interested in are written by a "music critic" who voices his personal opinions, generally dated and often hostile. I think it should be obvious that if I'm bothering to listen to an old album on Pandora, it's something I like and want to listen to.  I not only don't care that some critic from 40 years ago doesn't like the same music I do, I'm actually annoyed by it. It's a clear negative for the Pandora product. 

I'm also kind of dismayed by the idea of someone trying to check out a great album they heard about only to read (in the album notes!) that it's, apparently, "pretentious." 

Because, in the end, is there any more useless type of critic than a rock critic? I mean, critics in general  are gatekeepers of all the things rock music is either attacking or trying to ignore. At the time, they hated Led Zeppelin and Rush and AC/DC, and even Elvis. Years later, sure they "knew it all along." But seriously, I don't want to see what a critic thinks in the liners notes. If I want to know, I'll look it up.

Please use the album notes for facts and quotes from the band that might help present the music as they intended. Thanks.

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Hi @13x! Thanks for posting and thanks for your feedback.

Your post status has been updated to Open Ideas. Hope to see you around community more! 🙂