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Feature Request: Show recently played songs history

Feature Request: Show recently played songs history

Status: Open Ideas

I wish there was a way to see a list of most recently played songs, in order, regardless of what station or playlist I was listening from. Sometimes I want to go back and see what songs I was listening to most recently and it's so annoying that there is no way to do this. I know Pandora keeps track of this somewhere, I would love if they would make this information available to us.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @tienbien thanks for the feedback on this! I've passed this along to our products team. 

We don't actually save a list of the content from each of your listening sessions, as this would use a lot of memory.

However, you can scroll back through your current listening session to view the recently played tracks on your Stations. From the Now Playing screen, swipe right to scroll through previously played songs.

Thanks for posting to community! 🎧

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That response is fine for *today's* listening session.  But I want to find a song I heard yesterday and didn't get a chance to give a thumbs up to.  I won't argue with your statement that it'd take a lot of memory (not sure I buy it, but you guys are the experts and I'll defer), but for a paying member this seems to be a very basic thing to be able to do. 


can you play the homecoming queen's got a gun julie brown next on 80s smash hits

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Please Please put this feature Im having the same issue but with all the songs. I want to continue using pandora but this has become an issue almost every time I use it now. So if something does not change I will have to find another service that does provide this very basic feature. Especially for 100 bucks a year I dont find this something too much to ask for.

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Wow, this is ridiculous.  It would not take much memory as no media files would be stored, only a light-weight ordered list of track info in plain text.  Shame on you Pandora.

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I agree. Feels like a simple feature. YouTube has it and actual Radio Stations have a recently played option on many of their websites. 

A view "History" (option/button)  Delete the list after a week or month.  "After 30 days history goes away."      Something like that would be amazing!  Thanks for the work you all do.  It is not all simple, I know.

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Not sure how old this post is, but would like to throw my twice cents in support of this "feature." Literally the reason don't use Pandora very often even though the algorithm is much better than other music services.