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Feature Request: Station & playlist folders

Feature Request: Station & playlist folders

Status: Open Ideas

Adding albums to station list to have folders of different stations for different situations. Such as a folder of my stations for the gym, a folder for bike, folder for boat and etc.

It would be great if I could simply choose a folder of my stations for the gym instead of scrolling through stations in shuffle to choose them individually. So it can shuffle specifically through the stations i use for the gym, boat or whatever.

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Local Performer

We need folders for organizing our music. Mood/Genre doesn't cut it.

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Opening Act

I saw a similar request for stations... but it would be wonderful to be able to place playlists into different folders to make playlists easier to find, and allow the option to alphabetize not only the folders but the playlists within the folders. I'm picturing something like what Mac Finder does for files and documents on a MacBook, but in Pandora.

That way we could group them into things like home, work, gym, vacation, etc. instead of having one really long string of all our playlists. 

I use Pandora most often on my iPhone but once in a while on my MacBook, in case that's helpful for my request.

That said, I love Pandora Premium and deeply appreciate the wonderful support given to us by the Pandora moderators! This isn't a complaint, just a feature request / wish. 


Does Pandora even look at this ?

Local Performer

Yes!  Folders for Specific things, Pretty Please!