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Feedback / Comments for Catalog Errors (Artists/ Songs/ Albums)

Feedback / Comments for Catalog Errors (Artists/ Songs/ Albums)

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

I wish there was a feedback/comment for artists songs other than thumbs up/down. 


Moderator Edit: Changed title for clarity

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hey, @street2k.

I moved your post over to the Feature Request board to keep the community organized.

Thanks for the suggestion! See ya around the community.



Local Performer

I wish Pandora would offer a better streaming quality. I notice all the sounds that are missing while I am listening to music. It is going to be a must have and I hope pandora stays part of my future. Hope you are listening.

Local Performer

I was filling out a survey and was asked if I had any additional feedback, so I wrote this:

"Yes, I was looking for a place where users can make suggestions to the Pandora staff, admins, moderators, mostly **DEVELOPERS**. Not a suggestion like Feature Requests or whatever they are called. No, not suggestions like that. Suggestions like if there is something wonky like an artist having 2 profile pages, with 2 albums on one and then an additional profile page that has 1 album. The album on the seemingly extraneous profile page isn't a duplicate though! We're talking 3 distinct albums, spread out over 2 profile pages that even have the exact** same spelling: Örsten. In fact, the 2 album profile has his first album and then an EP, the EP associated with his 2nd full length album, which is on his 2nd profile page. Obviously this is a mistake and your staffmembers can easily and quickly fix this, but I think having a more robust feature should be built in, allowing users to point out flaws such as this, giving them the ability to write a quick explanation of the error, and the ability to draw the attention of Pandora staff without having to submit a feedback like this. On second thought, is a Feature. I'm gonna copy and paste this over there.
-Paolo NS"

And then when I tried to submit I got an character limit error, my 13 hundred some character submission had to be whittled down to 500 characters. I did it, but figured I'd post the full 1300 character version here

Local Performer

Exactly ... Like they play music from An-ten-nae on the artist Globular's channel. They sound nothing alike. Thumbs down doesn't do it. They come right back. But I can't find a way to tell them. They really need a Do Not Play This Artist button.