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Genre Workout Stations based on speed/rhythm

Genre Workout Stations based on speed/rhythm

Status: Open Ideas

I walk to Pandora all the time, but often get song after song that is to slow or fast. If there would be a way you could sort according to genre AND speed/rhythm that would be awesome. It would be a feature that could even inspire people to purchase commercial free. I usually walk to "Poor Man's Poison Station", Classic Rock, or Pink Radio. But I can see doing this by artist would be hard, but genre maybe?  

Anyone else out there would like this option when walking/exercising?

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Great idea, @smilingpj! Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback.

Hope to you see around community more!

Opening Act

Oh heck yea!  It could be added as a mode perhaps to a channel?  ...Kinda like selecting Discovery or Deep Cuts, but instead it's Workout mode & once selected, there's a drop-down to select your preferred pacing/speed in something like Beats Per Minute?
A lot of my coworkers listen to Pandora while exercising at work(whether on the treadmill or hitting the weights/punching bags) & this sounds like a sweet feature for folks like us! 😄