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More sorting options for Premium (Playlists, Stations, Albums etc)

More sorting options for Premium (Playlists, Stations, Albums etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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Local Performer

I have a large playlist.  It gets time consuming manually reordering it as I add songs.  I would be nice to have an alphabetical sort feature.  I would like a primary and secondary sort function such as primary by band and secondary by song title.  It makes it easier to find stuff in a large list.

Local Performer

Bring back sorting by hours played. I don't see this anymore on my Android app or Mac app or Chrome browser sessions. I need to trim the number of stations and get rid of the random ones that were created by my smart speaker.


2022 Feb and still no options for organizing our collected stations? Original request from 2019 up-voted.

I work as a barista and would love to have easily accessible stations in Pandora available and grouped together. As I would for my stations by genre (industrial, electronica, folk, alternative, etc.) then the option for A-Z sorting by group or album title.

I'm a paying user and far prefer Pandora over Spotify, but it seems the developers have been very slow to update the user experience unfortunately.

Local Performer

please add a sorting feature in Pandora to allow alphabetizing your playlists.   There is too much duplicataion.


I'd really like to be able to sort my collected songs alphabetically. Same with playlists. I often have duplicates on playlists because I can't search through it easily. 

Local Performer

Yes. Notification of duplicates, as well as alphabetizing.

Local Performer

Alphabetize playlist titles please, I have over 100 playlists!!!

Local Performer

I’d like to have my new songs added to the top of my playlists. Or option to change ascending/descending order/sort.  Thank you. 

Local Performer

We have asked for this for a long time-- when is this going to happen?

Local Performer

I so want to be able to sort playlists by title!