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More sorting options for Premium (Playlists, Stations, Albums etc)

More sorting options for Premium (Playlists, Stations, Albums etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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Another old and key feature with no timeline to implement.    Let's go Pandora.

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YES! I would LOVE if we were able to sort within the playlists by alphabetical (artist, song, etc) as an option. ALSO a notification that you are adding a duplicate song to that particular playlist and confirm if this is what you want to do.


Being able to sort collections alphabetically would be great!

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I would really like to have the "I am tired of this song" feature for Pandora Premium app.

Opening Act

yeah such a basic thing that most other streaming services have. being able to sort collection alphabetically seems like such a revolutionary idea in 2020. i cant believe it still is not present. i like pandora but cant go past plus without such basic features like this and option to turn off music on startup.


All we can do is keep commenting and wait to be heard I guess 🤷🤞

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YES YES YES... Sorting.

1400+ songs for a road trip...manually sorting is ridiculous


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I use shuffle stations a lot. Would be nice to be able to pick what stations I want from the app instead of having to log into desktop every time I want to make a change.

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The best way to do this sorting is to change to Spotify and import all your Pandora saved items into Spotify from Pandora. That is what I will do when my free trial for premium expires in 3 weeks. Who would ever pay for a product that offers fewer features than the free version, not me.............


This is the same feature I would love to see. This is a premium subscription and the option to sort a playlist alphabetically should be a very basic option for subscribers. I, like many, have to scroll down the whole entire playlist to see if the song has already been added previously. This is extremely tedious and bothersome. I can't believe with the number of people who have requested this, that it hasn't been done already.