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Play-session visibility for Explicit Filter option

Play-session visibility for Explicit Filter option

Status: Open Ideas

I find the per-account explicit filter too unwieldy and hidden. It would be nice if the active "explicit" setting was visible and actionable during the play-session(perhaps an [explicit] icon prepending the station name). There's two goals: be able to easily swap between filtered/unfiltered, without affecting the account's default setting, and to be visibly reminded that explicit content might play. It's too easy to be listening to a "mostly clean but not quite" station, and forget to change it when other ears enter the space, only remembering when a rare coarse song plays. The least error-prone option I've found for managing explicit content so far, is to make some stations that play good music that occasionally plays coarse lyrics, and stations which leave out entire genres so they don't accidentally bring in coarse language.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback on your experience using the explicit filter @plwwwWe’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

Just a helpful tip in the meantime, if you're allowing explicit content on your account, genre stations, like "Today's Hits," emulate terrestrial radio, so these won't have explicit tracks by default. Also, if the station contains any seeds ending with "(Children's)," or if it is seeded with a Christian artist or song, that station will only play edited tracks. 

Thanks again for your feedback and thanks for being part of community! 


Thanks for the tips, I'll play around with them for sure.

regarding: "Also, if the station contains any seeds ending with "(Children's)," or if it is seeded with a Christian artist or song, that station will only play edited tracks." That's an excellent default behavior; I do think it is not functioning in my case, though. One of my stations that i have tried to make all encompassing while thumbing down anything with the more crude words, plays an occasional surprise or two; it has several Christian artists and songs as seeds. They weren't the initial seed, but were added using the "add variety" tool. Perhaps my all encompassing approach to seeding has overridden this feature, as some of the artists I've seeded it with can be a mixed bag; I also can't guarantee I didn't accidentally seed it with an explicit song,  if that would matter(I used many seeds).

Diamond in the Rough

Pandora should have a different system in place for explicit content than a simple binary one.  Instead, why not engage a more "cable television" approach?  Simply allow the user to supply their "explicitness preference" by using a five-point scale.  This would then trigger how many instances can slip through in a given hour.  

The user could adjust this on-the-fly so that when they are with family or conservative elders the filter would be more aggressive... and hanging with homies they could open the floodgate as wide as they like.