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Print Receipt/ View Billing History

Print Receipt/ View Billing History

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 


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I, too, need a receipt monthly and had been able to access one for the last 20 some years it until recently. 

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I also need a receipt for reimbursement. Please send it to my email address. I think an email receipt should always be sent when there is a charge to the credit card.

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I need a receipt for my subscription purchase.  It must be ta free as well.

Thank You


Hi all!

Please note that this thread Print Receipt/ View Billing History is a request to add the availability of receipts to the Pandora app.

You can vote for this idea by clicking on the heart. ❤️

If you have a support related question or would like to request a copy of your receipt, please visit the Subscription board of community.

Some threads that may help:


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Same. I use this for my business and need copies of our monthly receipts. Even though they're not emailed directly, I would at the very least expect to be able to view my billing history and print my receipts. Come on, Pandora. This is ridiculous. 

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Hello! As a business user we need a printable receipt. Please add this feature or I have to cancel to a service that provides a basic invoice. Thanks!