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Responsive layout - Play control and Ads

Responsive layout - Play control and Ads

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Playback controls moving due to ad placement because of the responsive layout design is really annoying. Many times I leave my pandora tab with the browser at a different size then when I come back to it. I often end up clicking like or dislike buttons instead of pause (because about to start a video call) and the buttons shift from a new Ad coming in on the right side. Its really annoying, especially if I dislike a song that I actually like.

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Hi @jackerm Thanks for posting Feature Request!

We rely on feedback like yours to help us develop features that we know our community wants to see. If your suggestion receives votes from other customers and gains popularity, it will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.
Watch this space for status updates! In the meantime, try visiting our Listener Lounge to talk with other listeners about all things music.
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