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Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

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Status: Open Ideas

Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

This would help prevent the freak out moment that some unauthorized user has hacked my account, and possibly my payment information, by actually seeing what device is being used. I never really know if I need to secure the account or if it's just my family using the Alexa at home.

With that in mind, you might consider giving us the ability to forcefully log out all devices on the account via Settings menu as I've seen with other streaming services.

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not just a security need, but also a troubleshooting need as well

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Seriously, how is this not a standard security feature?????


Right? Every other service provides this ability. Either there is some sinister reason or the engineers/UI designers are inept.

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Yes, I keep getting this message. I am actually thinking about deleting my account because I have no idea who is on my Pandora and what they have accessed.


I just sent another request in to support asking how to stop this message. If we keep hounding them about this then perhaps they will come to their senses and fix it. At a minimum, tell us the names of the devices that use the account and which one is using at the moment besides the one we are actively and knowingly listening to. How hard can this be?

Amazon does it correctly. Google does it correctly. Netflix. Hulu.

Spotify doesn't have this issue!

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Has anything been done about this yet? I'm getting tired of seeing these messages daily but having no way of finding out which device(s) and/or where the signal is being sent to. I have a Family Plan and I still receive these messages, even though I've logged out of the other devices I typically listen with. Even though I've been a Pandora member for years, I'm ready to jump to Spotify as I never had the problem with that service.


It seems Pandora Plus and Pandora One subscribers are not a priority. We must be a drop in the bucket compared to free advert-supported listeners and the revenue they create, otherwise how do they explain simply making no effort to improve the system or address hundreds of comments stretching back years now? They have spoken loudly through their inaction. I've dropped my paid subscription due to this issue and mostly stopped using the service after 15 loyal years. While I do miss my stations and playlists, there are plenty of great options nowadays aside from Pandora.

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THIS. 👆🏻 Especially when you are paying for a plan and not using the free version. 


I asked for help from customer support. The response was the usual corporate garbage:


"Thanks for writing in and sorry for any confusion.

"First is important you know that If you are receiving the message, "Your Pandora Account is currently playing on another device," or "Someone else is listening," then more than one device is streaming from your account at the same time.

"While your Pandora account can be logged into as many devices as you like, they can't be playing at the same time. Regardless of your subscription level, the revenue from one Pandora account only covers the cost of one stream from one device. As long as you press pause on one device before you listen to Pandora on another, you should be fine.

"If you'd like to play music from more than one device at a time, you'd have to use more than one Pandora account.

"If you're concerned that this message might have been triggered by an unauthorized user, we can take some steps to help protect your account. Please note, however, that this will require resetting your password from my end, as well as signing you out of all of your devices. It's more effective than simply changing your password, but may mean a brief interruption in your service.

Would you like me to do that for you? Let me know."


My response:


"You guys are missing the whole point.


"You display the message, but you don’t give us any information about the other device. It could be a device malfunctioning. It could be someone hacking my account. It could just be another device I left on and the "Let Me Listen" option actually makes sense. And your best advice is to change my **ahem** password every time this happens – really?


"Until you let us see what the other device is, you are only making our lives more miserable.


"See this thread for a few more disgruntled users you should really be listening to:




"Want more? Go to the forum and search for "Someone else" and see the carnage.


OK, I have now placed the Pandora support team on my sh*t list. The response to the above message to them:


"Thanks for writing back.

"Unfortunately, I am not able to provide additional information about devices for security reasons and limited access to more information on my end.

"But I'd be happy to take some measures to help protect your account.

"First, I've reset the password on the account to:xxxxxx

"I've removed all of the device associations from your account. This will automatically sign you out everywhere including any devices you currently have, so you will need to sign back in once this change takes effect. Please be patient as this may not happen instantaneously.

"For now, I suggest that you sign into Pandora and change your password to something entirely new.

"Visit our website by using this link. Then, click the icon (initial or picture) in the top right corner of the page and select Settings. From there, you can change all your registration information. Make sure to save your changes when you're done, and enter the reset password from this email to confirm. Only then will the new password take effect.

"*If the problem persist please let me know.

"Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes.


My response back was not nice:



"For f*%k sake you idiot!


"Can you not read English?


"I did NOT ask you to do that!"