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Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

This would help prevent the freak out moment that some unauthorized user has hacked my account, and possibly my payment information, by actually seeing what device is being used. I never really know if I need to secure the account or if it's just my family using the Alexa at home.

With that in mind, you might consider giving us the ability to forcefully log out all devices on the account via Settings menu as I've seen with other streaming services.

Local Performer

I would like for  Pandora to remove all other devices besides my devices, my iPad and iPhone, I'm getting tired of having to say that I wanna continue listening, I don't have anyone on my account...

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Why this isn't a feature already for basic account security is beyond me. Lets get this done pandora or I may have to cancel my paid subscription. I'm tired of getting kicked off my own account I pay for.

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Has this happened yet? Is this going to happen!

I am about to freak out NOBODY should be on my account except me! Customer servive isnt helping me out I emailed and I am about to email again!

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I'm tired of paying for someone else to use my account.

I'm ready to cancel it. Every 10 minutes I get the someone else is listening to your account notification.

I made playlists so I didn't have to keep picking up my phone...


Please allow us to have control over our account and what devices are allowed to be logged on.

We pay for it after all.



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Looking at the amount of people that is posting this is an issue and has been on the rise since October, why in the world haven't you done anything about it yet????  Please Santa for Christmas?

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Ridiculous I cannot see my devices- keep getting unwanted listeners probably from an old car I traded in!  Going to cancel my subscription unless Pandora can figure this out!!! Annoying 

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Please someone has hacked into my account and no matter if I change my email or password, some unknown hacker is using my account!!!
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We've had this show up on various devices - someone else is using your account. Can you make this much like how Google handles it? Provide device/location info and let you shut if off? My wife and I have had a few conversations about "was it you?" and we basically use the service on the home stereo, a cell phone, and one in awhile an iPad. The way it works right now the warning is useless because you can't track down what the offending device would be let alone figure out if someone hacked your account.

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Someone is using my account and i have no way to stop them. It would be amazing if we had a way to log other devices out.