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Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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Local Performer

Native Pandora and NOT spotify. I dont want to carry my phone so I can listen to Pandora while running or at the gym.... pleaseeee

Thank you

Local Performer

Would like an app so I can launch Pandora from my watch.


Guys, I have loved pandora and it's radio station algorithm since it's inception. I am a paying member of the platform, and still believe in it. BUT Spotify is passing you by with it's UI design and accessibility on various platforms such as Galaxy Watch 3. Please step up your game. You are a better service, but I hope you don't get left behind...

Local Performer

Would love to have a standalone pandora app for my galaxy watch. 

Local Performer

How come Pandora has not set up a stand alone app for the Samsung watches? How has this been a thread for a year and no app yet? I have used Pandora for a very long time, and am disappointed this has not been resolved. PLEASE get this set up!

Local Performer

Please, please, please make a Pandora app that can be added to my Active 2 watch!!! The whole reason I bought a smartwatch was to not have to take my phone with me while running. I am IN LOVE with my Pandora channels and have spent YEARS fine tuning them. 

Local Performer

Would love a stand alone Pandora app for my Samsung G3 watch!

Local Performer

Has this been resolved or a work around yet? 

Local Performer

Have a galaxy watch 3 and would like a native pandora app so I can stream over LTE without my phone before I get used to spotify!

Local Performer

I have a samsung watch and would like to get pandora  for it soon if yall don't make a stand alone app for it I will have to switch to spotify as much as I hate it