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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

I’d like to have the option of enabling two factor authentication on my Pandora account

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Local Performer

I, too, would like this feature.

I think it is a requirement to have, considering I was able to register my Pandora account without any sort of verification. 

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback, @kiwiJUICE! 🎉


I don't mind if someone logs in as me. Worst case - my stations disappear. Does it make me forget what I like?! I'll change my password, and rebuild - 63 refined stations!

I pay bills online and change my password periodically ... until two factor ID! Now I can't even log in on a different browser on the same PC - 2 desktops, 2 laptops - PLUS my phone each has more than two browsers that I use.

I also use MS Office. Most email servers require 2 factor authentication. I have to get a different, random, key code for each device. It's ridiculous to want this from Pandora. I wanna log in (as a security precaution - I log in and out of each site each time) and go!

Please don't put another two-stage thorn in my side not for Pandora!

Local Performer

Please don't put another two-stage thorn in my side not for Pandora!

I think it's safe to assume it would be optional on Pandora.


Also, since @kiwiJUICE didn't specify the type of 2FA, I'd like to recommend implementing TOTP. The kind of 2FA that works with various authenticator apps.

Local Performer

Please implement Two Factor Authentication. I shouldn't have to 'share' my account with someone every time I buy Premium. Come on, it's 2021 people be sketchy. Thank you.