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WearOS Offline Features

WearOS Offline Features

Status: Open Ideas

I have a WearOS smartwatch (Fossil Sport) and it has a fairly useful Pandora application for the watch when you are connected to your phone. However, the offline mode only utilizes the content on your phone. One of the main purposes of a smart fitness watch is to do exercises/running without your phone. That leaves you to get a watch with a cellular connection or download content offline to the watch directly. The current Pandora App for WearOS does not allow content to be downloaded directly to the watch. Is it possible to update the application to allow this? I purposely upgraded to premium to be able to do this, only to discover the App won't allow it. If I can't get offline music directly on my watch then I can't have music without dragging the phone along. Google Play supports offline content directly on the watch. Does Pandora plan to make this feature available soon?

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Alex12 Thanks for posting to Pandora community!

I moved your message to our Feature Request board since this currently isn't a feature for Pandora.

The FR board is the best place to post new ideas or give feedback on existing features. We rely on feedback like yours to help us develop products and features that we know our community wants to see. If your suggestion receives votes from other listeners and gains popularity, it will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.

Thank you for being part of community!


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Wow.  I also upgraded to a Fossil Sport and thought I could download an hour of music from Pandora so I could run without my phone.  I guess I need to research a music service that will.  

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They all suck right now. Pandora, spotify, even google can't figure this basic feature out. I was hoping spotify would be the winner, but sadly they also think smart watches are dumb apparently. 

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So... Google play music worked great for it until they canceled it for no good reason to make YouTube music, but no wear OS app.  So in a quest to do the basic thing of bringing some offline music on my watch to run I am now trying pandora premium... Seems I can get some stations offline, but not a Playlist.  **ahem**.  Running with music is fine, but having a specific Playlist should be basic.  Please make this available, or if it is already available let us know how to use it. 

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I have been considering canceling my pandora subscription and moving to spotify because Garmin watches support offline downloads on their watch with Spotify. This is exactly what I want: to leave my phone behind!