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Accessing Shared Link via Browser

Accessing Shared Link via Browser

Status: Archive

Sharing links: ability for recipients of the shared link to have the option to open the shared link in their browser and listen to shared content oppose to being directed to download the app. 

I continue to use Pandora versus other music streaming apps, for many reasons, intentionally. So when I shared songs or playlists it's to also share the apps presence and encourage others to use it. Limiting access to download or sign-in only discourages new users, as a result, they find the tracks on a different app and listen there. Missed opportunity in my opinion. Please consider how YouTube and Amazon Music make their app and content accessible to an extent. 

My hope is that your development team takes these suggestions into consideration and implement them. Thank you for your consistency and service!


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Thanks for the feedback, @diesel0110! Keep them coming! 🙌

Status changed to: Archive

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