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Android - Lock Screen Controls

Android - Lock Screen Controls

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Would be nice if they had a feature where on the lock screen for Android you can have it show your station with the features to make it easier to pause/play/skip/thumb songs while its playing, makes it easier if you are driving instead of unlocking the phone to do it.


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Community Manager
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Thanks for sharing your idea, @Alchron! 🎶

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Why did my back button stop working on my locked screen after I updated. From my locked screen I can pause and skip forward but the back button isnt working. Why? Its on the screen its just not lit up so it wont let me use it. How can I change that? Or can I?

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I agree with @Alchron. Pandora use to offer this, I'm not sure why they stopped. 

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This. This. 1000x this.

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Awesome, moderator edited this post "for clarity" but didn't bother answering how we can set this up on our android devices.  Thanks. 🙄

It looks like after a recent update, many/all users are also having this problem?

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I can say that if it's not fixed very soon I'll be canceling it because it's a hazard when I'm working to have to take off my gloves switch the station after unlocking my phone and all that BS and most of the time I have to actually open the app back up now too and it's just a #$@& it's just dumb and crappy designing and thought given to customer base

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I have a galaxy s9 and I can't skip or go back from my lock screen. It is super annoying. I've had a paid pandora subscription for a long time and honestly if they don't make this a feature again then I will switch to a different service. 

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I use to have the option to skip songs on lock screen now all I can do is play/pause nothing more I have to unlock my phone to access pandora features 

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Pandora!!??  Many of your users are having this new issue.

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Did they ever answer this? It's really annoying.