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Button for See All Lyrics from Now Playing Screen

Button for See All Lyrics from Now Playing Screen

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Why do I have to click three tomes to read a song’s lyrics? There’s the “^,” then there’s a lyric preview. Click on “Show More,” and it takes you to a separate page with another lyric preview where you have to click AGAIN to see all the lyrics. 

The “Show More” link should rake me to all the lyrics!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @MafiaBass. 👋

Thanks for pointing this out! I moved your post over to the Feature Request board.

As a free or Plus listener, when you click on the carat (^) you'll see Lyrics and Biographical information about the artist(s) of the song. If you click on "Show More" you're taking to the backstage page for the song where you'll see a preview of the lyrics. Then, you'll have to click "See all lyrics"

Based on your message, it sounds like you'd like to see an option to "See all lyrics" from the Now Playing screen versus "Show More" > "See all lyrics"

We appreciate your feedback - keep your idea / suggestions coming! 🎧

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Local Performer

why have you removed the lyrics to songs

Status changed to: Archive

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