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Create Custom Thumbprint Radio Stations

Create Custom Thumbprint Radio Stations

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I'd like the ability to create separate custom Thumbprint Radio Stations where I can pick and choose what stations thumbs up go into that Thumbprint Radio Station.


for example, I have rock stations, metal stations, pop stations etc.. .and currently there is only one thumbprint radio station that collects all the thumbs ups from all of my stations and makes a hodgepodge station.

I'd like to be able to create other thumbprint radio stations where I can tell it what stations to take my thumbs from, so for example I'd create a thumbprint radio station that only takes songs from my metal stations then another for my rock stations then another that takes thumbs from the pop stations I have created and so on and so on.

essentially, I would have the ability to pick and choose what stations would fuel each of my individual custom thumbprint radio stations.



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