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Desktop remote control

Desktop remote control

Status: Archive

I'd like to be able to control the desktop app using my iphone - mostly to advance to another track and thumb down (but of course the whole feature set would be great) 

Basically i want to relax and enjoy the music without getting off the couch!

BTW I have been a premium user for about 20 years.  You guys still have the best Radio feature and I am grateful for it.  

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Hi @chrisjcmorgan! Thanks for posting and for your long time support! We appreciate you! ❤️

Thanks for the feedback! We're always looking to improve and posts like this help with that.

Thanks for being part of community!

Local Performer

This would be huge! I'm here to request they add some sort of visualization feature to the desktop app, and having integration to control remotely from the mobile app would be really useful. 

Status changed to: Archive

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