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Easier way to add variety to a station

Easier way to add variety to a station

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I would like to see a link on the main page of a station for adding variety or a link to be able to add variety to all active stations with one click instead of having to go to a back page to accomplish this. Something similar to the like / dislike thumbs would be great.


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Thanks for your post, @blusdrumr.

Keep the suggestions coming! 🎶


Local Performer

How do I add variety to my station ?

Local Performer

It seems to not be possible.  I have been trying for nearly an hour.  Pandora's instructions must be from an older version of their software.  Would be nice if they updated their instructions!

Opening Act

This would be really easy to do if we could add/remove music DNA from a station:

Local Performer

Re the initial comment, noting "similar to the thumbs up / down"... isn't adding variety what hitting thumbs up / down already does? 

I think ideally, a Search link should be added to the top nav, open to a search box connected to a keyboard so user can type in artist/title/genre/etc there, then arrow to it then choose from dropdown top choice - ENTER (add to station playing currently)
or arrow down to ADD to OTHER STATION, which to its right lists users' other stations, so they can choose which station of theirs they'd like to add what they found, to.

That'd be awesome!  I too have been trying for TOO long to figure out how to add some grandmaster flash to my current station!  😄  (I remember this being simpler to achieve, not long ago; no?)


jojojovich, you are correct, it was very easy to add variety in the past.  Pretty much by just clicking the "Add variety" link.  I haven't tried to add variety for over a year, but then I collected a new station for my wife, our friends, and I to listen to while we play Pickleball.  I just tried to add certain bands to the station a little while ago, but can't find a way to do it.  The Help page for the topic says to click on the ellipsis next to the "Play" button, but there's no "play" button on my iPhone Pandora app or on the Web site in Google Chrome on my PC.

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