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Feature Request: Remove "top songs" and "top releases" sections

Feature Request: Remove "top songs" and "top releases" sections

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Status: Open Ideas

That stuff is useless, user-hostile BS!  This app is getting worse constantly. I only want to see chronological listings, divided into albums, singles, EPs, and collabs. And the totally inadequate "all releases" page doesn't even load at all now! There also really needs to be a button in-app to report wrong listings.  I run into miscategorized or wrongly lumped together artists daily.  

Also, it's a no-brainer to have Netflix style multiple users for a paid account!  Idiotic that it's been this long and you still haven't implemented that!

Also, it's a no brainer to have more complex ratings, that allows the user to specify "bad song from an artist I like," "wrong station" "never show me this entire genre" or "I hate this specific artist"

Also, this app has switched stations automatically on me before. This must never, ever happen.

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Hi @Madrooster7

Thanks for posting to the Feature Request board.

It looks like you have multiple ideas in one post. It's recommend to break these ideas into individual post - so that each post is one clear descriptive idea/feedback. This also helps other listeners vote on the ideas they like to see on Pandora.

You can edit your current post be clicking on the three notes located to the right of your message and select Edit Request.