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First Responder, Firefighter and Law enforcement discount

First Responder, Firefighter and Law enforcement discount

Status: Archive

Would you please consider offering a First Responder discount for Law Enforcement and Firefighters.

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Local Performer

Is there law enforcement discount ?


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@Emarti18 While we don't currently have a law enforcement discount available, I recommend creating a new post in our feature request space to get that added to our subscription offerings.

I'm sure this discount is something many other listeners would be interested in seeing as well.

Hope we continue to see you around the community, and thank you for your service! 🚔🎶

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the great feedback @MrRodgers911! I've passed this along to our products team.

Hope to see you around community more! 👍

Local Performer

I second this request. Long time pandora subscriber and 12 years in LE, why do only students and military members get the discount? 👮🏻 and 🚒 deserve a break too. Thank you! 

Local Performer

Our Emergency Medical Service (Paramedics, EMT) Firefighters and Police don't make alot some are volunteer and I do know some listen to Pandora at the Firehouse's it would be nice if they to received the discount. I know alot of companies are starting to recognize them. Even restaurants because if you get a Fire who saves your House? If your call 911 who comes for Medical or a Break in ? Food for thought. 

Local Performer

I agree with the above comments. 38 years in Fire/EMS. Wife 32 years

Local Performer

Would be nice to have a Law Enforcement discount. 

Local Performer

100% agreed with all of the above statements

Local Performer

Would be nice for healthcare workers, police, fire, ems. Even security who work in the healthcare field should also receive this. I have worked in security for 11 years and have worked through the  pandemic just like the other first responders we should get a discounted rate for all of us. We receive it with our phone companies, you should off it as well. 

Local Performer

Firefighters and law enforcement are evil, satanic, SELFISH public service entities that should not be thanked or appreciated for their life-sacrificing efforts. 

jk! *** Tidal offers discounts for these selfless entities guys. Go check them out. My partners have that and they like it. Will be switching now ***