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Ideas: Ability to Edit Genre Stations

Ideas: Ability to Edit Genre Stations

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Several of my custom stations created from custom seeds now list a genre station as the seed. The station is then locked from future renaming and seed editing. As Pandora is built on customization and good music algorithms, I plead with you - stop doing this. You will lose your oldest and strongest customer base. My stations that have been converted: Praise and Worship, Classical Strings, Drum & Bass.   

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Hi @Jonafree! Thanks for posting to Feature Request. 

I see that you've talked to @AdamPandora about your genre stations - sorry for any trouble with this. As Adam mentioned, this was a bug with genre stations that has been resolved.

I've gone ahead edited the title of your FR to reflect a new request with the ability to edit genre stations. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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@TannerPandora If a genre station is created from a curated Pandora station, then I am not asking for the ability to edit those. I understand Pandora's own stations have limited capacity for customization. 

Please let me give a specific case for my request.

For example, I have a D&B station named 'Tronica. I created it maybe 10 years ago from the seed of the Tron soundtrack. Within the past month or so I lost the ability to rename the station or edit the seeds. There is now a new item in "Station Created From" called "Drum & Bass" that I never saw there before. My request is to see that new "Drum & Bass" seed disappear, regain control over my station's name, and regain the ability to add and remove seeds from that station.Screenshot of 'Tronica seedsScreenshot of 'Tronica seeds 

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I just discovered exact same problem also.  So, I pay $109/year for a Premium subscription, and I started a station from seeds myself, the name of which is "What Nadine Likes Not What She Doesn't" so... pretty clear that one is NOT a genre station.   Unless I personally have become a genre?  But now apparently one of the genre stations got "added in" as one of the seeds.  Not so.  I created the station years ago from songs and artists.  Painstaking.  I am entirely unsure what the point of the $109 I am paying is if I cannot edit my station and continue to add variety, and if the years I have put into curating that station is now down the tubes?  IF I could edit it myself, I would HAPPILY go in and take out the genre station that somehow ended up in there.  Please go do it for me, so that I can go back to editing my own station.  Thanks!!

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I too am in this same boat.  I created a station from a genre and have added many many seeds over the years to curate it to my taste, but lost the ability to do so.  I understand you called this "a bug" but it was a feature your users liked.   And, in fact, if I did not have the ability to add seeds when first creating it, I would have started a personal station at the time.  Now it has well over 20 seeds and 600 thumbs.

The request would be to be able to copy a genre station renaming it as a personal station removing any 'genre station' restrictions.  

For now can you 'copy' and create a personal station for me to fix this?  My station 

Chill Out Radio - no lyrics test was created from Chill out Radio.  



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While I understand the logic behind not allowing additional seeds to be added to a curated station, I'm admittedly annoyed at the claim that it was "a bug."  The two stations I had this happen to were created a year apart from each other.  Call it what it is: a feature that was offered 10 years ago and has since been removed.

My two stations include a Christmas one created in 2011 and a soundtrack one created in 2012.  When I first created the one for soundtracks, I added specific movies as seeds.  Somewhere along the way, in addition to becoming uneditable, the movie albums were also switched to the composers as artists.  (For example, Star Wars is now John Williams.)  Others disappeared entirely.  To be honest, I can live with that station as is; even though I do find some amusement in the fact that the additional seeds are still there and cannot be removed either.

The Christmas one is a little more irritating.  It's hard to mess up a list of movie scores.  Christmas music, on the other hand, is a very broad category, and I liked being able to add the specific artists that I enjoy.  So far, I've left it, since I don't really want to lose what I've thumbed up and down over the past 10 years.  However, it's annoying to have to depend on luck that artists I've discovered more recently will just show up eventually for me to thumb up.

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Long ago I renamed the "Cool Jazz" station to "2 Cool Jazz" (in an attempt to organize stations into groups).  I'd like  to get rid of that leading "2" and use Pandora's name for that station.  Can you help me?  Thanks.

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I have a similar issue to what others have described…

I tailored “Americana Radio” to my taste with lots of “thumbs”, and can now no longer add variety or otherwise control that station as it has become a curated generic.

Can the “my station” version of Americana Radio which I created be renamed, copied, and/or separated from Pandora’s curated version so that I can regain control over what is played?

Alternatively, can the user ability of a “curated” station be restored?

Or, as a final option, please reconsider your “curated” station policies!

Thank you


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I have a similar issue to the others.  I created a station from seeds years ago.  It's now been classified as a "genre" station that I can't edit.  It's incredibly frustrating, and I'd like to go back to being able to edit it.  Please change this.

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It looks like Pandora has stopped replying to this thread.  Are you just ignoring the complaints?

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Years ago I renamed the genre station “Blue Grass” to “lBG Delete” and eventually deleted it. After a suitable break, I decided I might be able to listen to a little bluegrass again. To my annoyance I am stuck with the ridiculous name I gave it.