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Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Status: Open Ideas


Can you please add the ability to upload a photo directly to Pandora. I do not have a Facebook account and suspect that users may want to have a different pix in Facebook/Pandora/Gmail etc.



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Just transferred all my Amazon Music playlists to Pandora. Found out you cannot add a simple profile picture!?! Grr, come on Pandora don't let me down here. I've been an AM user for years and decided to switch because of crashing. 🤞you do not let me down here. Thanks 

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I want to be able to change the generic profile picture. Thanks.

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I’ve been a paid Pandora customer for nearly 10 years or maybe even more… one thing that I do enjoy about using Pandora is the ability to create my own pay list. I would like to see the ability to add a profile picture to personalize my profile. if this can be incorporated in an update, that would be great as a user.. 

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I agree! C’mon Pandora, paid users should have this ability! What a 2001 problem to overcome. 👎🏼👤🫵🏻🦤

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I’m kinda new to all this, so how would I upload my Facebook picture to my Pandora account?


C'mon Pandora. Why did you stop allowing users to add/change their profile picture? After some googling I found out that Pandora used to offer this feature. What possible reason did Pandora turn off this feature? Seems pretty short sited to me. 

  1. I'd like to request this feature be turned back on.
  2. I'd also like a Pandora moderator to explain why this feature was turned off.

Thank you!

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Yesss, please!!

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I just want to upload my picture but, what I read I guess Pandora don't do that. I never heard of a website.

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I do agree I'm a young artist and don't really want Facebook. So this would be highly appreciated. Please make it so you can change your profile picture in the app by clicking edit.🥺🥺🥺

Thank you - QueenSensitive

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put my pic back i pay you every month bank statements dont lie