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Ideas: Ability to block or mute artist/songs/genres

Ideas: Ability to block or mute artist/songs/genres

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Status: Open Ideas

New Feature Idea: Create Rules about what bands you never want to hear.  If I select a Genre but there are certain bands I never want to hear, there should be a way to create a rule. i.e. I select the 70's Rock Genre but I never want to hear any music from Sting, Rush, Styx, Journey, Kiss, etc.  then allow me to create a rule eliminating them fron the selection algorithm.

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Local Performer

Goodbye, Pandora. I gave you as much more of a chance as I could. I can't pay you even one more payment for Premium, because you will just keep psychologically abusing me.

I shouldn't have to thumb down a bajillion songs by Stick Figure, and a bajillion songs by another artist I can't even bring myself to type the name of cause it triggers the PTSD that bad, and I shouldn't have to thumb down the SAME song by Stick Figure over and over and over and over and over again - on THE SAME STATION - to not have to see that song title again. It's not an artists fault if they unfortunately get associated with a horribly traumatic event or series of events, but the result is all the same for a person with severe PTSD, extreme pain and disgust and psychological hell that they shouldn't have to live through again, even if only in their own memories playing against their will on repeat, with no mercy, because of a stupid song your app couldn't encode as being thumbed down, even if it was thumbed down more than 4 times on the very same station.

I deleted the app today.

Goodbye, and I hope you figure out your **ahem** for other users with really bad PTSD, before your business goes down, or starts to lose enough money that you notice a big enough difference.


I certainly have sympathy for you and others. However, this may have been
one of the threads I initiated or commented on because of my own
frustration; that I was equally frustrated not obtaining any real solution
through our community. But wait.
That said, I managed to get relief from my own issues to effectively block
artists and their influence on my play list, as well as a cleansing of
those artists then polluting my genre. I think the issues boil down to
Pandora withholding the tools to correct a wide range of issues they can
and do quickly resolve once you reach someone. The communication between
customers and Pandora reminds me of Dorothy's frustration with the Wizard
of Oz.
I scrolled down to the typical "contact Pandora " at the bottom of the
page. I detailed my issues and requests and got a response and solution the
same day.

I was connected to a live conversation, yes live, with tech. Within a
short few minutes my issues were corrected. But I never got the 'how to'

Which socks. So my suggestion is to reach out ss I did, and like Dorothy
pester them. They do reply and will fix play list issues to the playlists
that we spend so much time building that makes for our love/hate with

Hope this helps.
Local Performer

Please give us the option to block problematic artists. I don’t want to support their music by giving it streams I don’t ask for and they need to be sent a message. Directly to their pockets. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rach_GP I moved your post over to this existing thread: Ideas: Blocking / Muting Artists & Genres

While this is not currently an option, I recommend upvoting this thread with a ❤️ if you'd like to see it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the community! :pandora:

Local Performer

This is currently the 7th most voted for item in the community, and has been open for over 4 years. Pandora apparently doesn't care, or isn't capable of adding the feature. My guess is that they fired all the devs, and are just riding the product until the wheels fall off. 

Local Performer

There should be a toggle in our profile that allows us to remove versions of songs we don't like account-wide. There should be a live, acoustic, remix, and instrumental toggle in our profile. The reason this feature is needed is because the current thumbs rating system doesn't prevent bands we like from being "banned" from our station if we hear three versions of a song we don't like before hearing a version we do like, thus banning the band from our station. The other reason this feature is needed is because search results aren't tied to a station. I used my Google Nest to search songs, and the vast majority of the time, I get a version I don't like. If I'm doing a search, I want to hear the song, but I absolutely loathe live versions, and I hate acoustic versions. If we had a toggle that effected what is played account-wide, none of us would have these issues, and people would be happier with Pandora.

Local Performer

I agree. I'm not a fan of "live" versions of songs and would appreciate being able to disable these from all stations. 

Local Performer
I doubt the Pandora train will derail completely. Enough complaints and
maybe they'll add the feature. It's possible they might update the app and
use the suggestion box. Then, I'll never worry about accidentally listening
to Rush Limbaugh by mistake. Barf-O-Rama.
Local Performer
I don't really care how much money the artists make. Between the drug
bingers and the alcoholic black outs, most of those artists stay pretty
bankrupt. Some of the artists invest in a good stock portfolio. A lot of
the rock and rollers from the 90's sold insurance after their career was
over. It's better than sleeping in the park. What do people use for
blankets these days? Newspapers are like, so 2010 and out of style. So, I
won't complain if I accidentally listen to Rush Limbaugh and before I
finish barfing from disgust, an artist like that has enough money to buy a
potato sack blanket.
Local Performer
I've never had that problem with Pandora. I just select the artists and the
songs I'm looking for and add them to my lists. I've never had to thumb
through a gazillion songs before I found the right one. So I just don't
know how to empathize with your problem. Try contacting Pandora's customer
service and maybe they can help. If the PTSD is getting to you, maybe you
should apply for ss I. There's a strong likelihood that between the meds
and the EST you might not ever need to remember you had a Pandora account.