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Ideas: Ability to block or mute artist/songs/genres

Ideas: Ability to block or mute artist/songs/genres

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Status: Open Ideas

New Feature Idea: Create Rules about what bands you never want to hear.  If I select a Genre but there are certain bands I never want to hear, there should be a way to create a rule. i.e. I select the 70's Rock Genre but I never want to hear any music from Sting, Rush, Styx, Journey, Kiss, etc.  then allow me to create a rule eliminating them fron the selection algorithm.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@twstdlttlsistr I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Blocking/Muting Certain Artists / Song Selection Rules

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️if you'd like to see this option added to the service as well.

Hope this helps!

Why bother to upvote? This has been brought up before, nothing has been done
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I agree with the concept of banning artist from my stations. There are certain types I will not support after the last few years. Sure, some people say "separate art from artists to enjoy their things" but if I am paying for Pandora, or any other music service (as I am) I want to have a say in which artists I am giving my support to.

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It would be great if I could just remove the artists from my auto play.
Even if you give the artist thumbs down , pandora still plays the artist or
the song again at later times. Some songs I just can't stand and I don't
want to to hear it. When they come on I have to take the time to skip when
if I had the choice to get rid of them once and for all , then there
wouldn't be an issue. Exactly, we are paying , so we should be able to NOT
have to hear things we don't want to hear. There should be more settings.
No one can agree with everyone about everything all the time. It's not
possible. We just have to learn to agree to disagree and treat each other
with respect. Personal views of artists don't really bother me but if a
song **ahem**, then it **ahem**. And I would like to be able to take it off. And
some artists suck. They have NO good songs. That's just life haha. If I
were going to NOT support someone based on views , then there would be a
lot I would have to give up that I'm not willing to give up.
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I would like to be able to block specific artists and genres of music. It seems the explicit filter is not enough in some cases to keep my family from hearing "music" that is not appropriate for anyone to hear.

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‎03-14-2022 09:32 AM

+1 for this feature.  Some artists seem to be forced upon me no matter how many times their tracks get a thumbs-down.   There should be a feature at the user level where artists and/or tracks can be banned across all stations and suggestions.


When is the last time a feature request was actually added?


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Who knows? I'm about to cancel my subscription. The app just plain **ahem**.
You have to back out too much to get back to the Home Screen and the print
is too small, just so many issues.
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Is this still just a feature request?? I’ve down voted Machine Gun Kelly more times than I can even count but you guys still try to play his stupid tracks on my account 

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Yeah I'm just wondering why they don't update/change the app. I could think
of 10 things off the top of my head that suck about this app. We've all
become app critics, and since we use them so much , they should listen to
I've downvoted the same stupid songs over and over and yet they appear
again and again. If you thumbs down it , it should go away forever !