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Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Diamond in the Rough
Status: Open Ideas

I’d like to have the ability to change the colors / skin on the now playing screen -- especially if the color is too bright or not to my liking. It would be nice if we could choose the color or have the option to let it change as we listen.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hey, @sundaysinjuly. 👋

Thanks so much for your suggestion! 

Local Performer
Please get rid of the cornea-burning, headache-inducing neon yellow background, with the unreadable white text. I use desktop Chrome, and have logged off and on a few times, but it's still there. Thank you.
Local Performer

Is there an option to change the color of the background? My boyfriend has a green color but mine is still blue. 

Local Performer

Just signed up for the premium trial and my eyes were immediately assaulted with shifting background colors. Better to pick an awful color than to continually cycle through. Can we get a dark mode or something?

Local Performer

I get horrific migraines and bright saturated colors makes them MUCH worse. Can an off button please be added to stations (or just in general?) Not everyone likes or wants color switches, especially when it goes from a medium shade blue to a brightly shaded yellow or orange.

Local Performer

The now-playing background used to be a nice blue (similar to if not exactly the same blue as in the pandora logo on this page (#3668FF)).  I renewed my subscription today, and it shifted to an awful cycle of colors related to the album art.  Two problems:

1. I don't like some of the colors - and even if I like some of the colors, they're best used in moderation.

2. The changing colors shriek "look at me, look at me, I did a thing!"  This is audio: I don't need to *see* that pandora did a thing by going to the next song.   All I need is to hear the next song.

Some people may really like this constant change of BG colors.  Fine for them.  But give the rest of us two things:

1. A way to opt out and have a constant BG color.

2. A way to pick the BG color.  (I like the blue, but people who would prefer gray or black or green or lavender or burgundy or whatever should be allowed to set the color.)

Local Performer

I absolutely loved the changing colors when I tried the Premium free trial. I ended up downgrading to the Plus package and was disappointed it's back to blue. Is it only a Premium feature? 

Local Performer

The color appears to be based on the album art. I would recommend only listening to music on albums with dark album art (just kidding, I liked this request too).

Local Performer

On my All-In-One computer I run Firefox and the background is always a nice blue.  On my new Chromebook the background is a vomit inducing orange, with no way to change it.  Do you all at Pandora not live in the real world?  Stop thinking for us and let us control our own sites!  We are tired of vomit orange and **ahem** yellow being shoved down our throats, like so much other stuff.  There is a word very important to many of us, and it is called Liberty.  Look it up, and stop telling us how to run our lives.  Now give us the option to set a background color of our own CHOOSING!

Up & Coming Artist

I would be happy with a simple black background on the now playing screen. My eyes are very light sensitive, so at least you’re using an easy on the eyes blue, but it still hurts to look at. Thank you