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Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Diamond in the Rough
Status: Open Ideas

I’d like to have the ability to change the colors / skin on the now playing screen -- especially if the color is too bright or not to my liking. It would be nice if we could choose the color or have the option to let it change as we listen.

Local Performer

Please implement static background color feature. I've had Pandora premium for a couple years now. I would like to pick one color, please.

Local Performer

I just reconsidered buying premium because of the colors, no thanks


So I'm still using the non-Premium version (but I do have some kind of paid subscription, not the free ad-based version) and all I see is the blue background.  Years ago I was able to select a background from a list you guys had, but at some point it just went away and my background disappeared and I was back to the default blue.  I'm SO glad I haven't seen any of the other color issues other users are complaining about.  It would seriously cause me to quit using Pandora altogether.  I was considering upgrading to a family account but now I'm worried that if I do, I'll start having some of these terrible color issues too.  Not worth it imho.

Local Performer

Just being able to manually select the color, or have a dark mode would be amazing. The constant bright blue is awful at night.

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The changing colors is not for everyone. Pandora, please add a toggle to the settings to turn off changing colors and set one color for everything.


10000000000000% agree with joemd1960 


 have the premium subscription and the background changes with the album pic of the song being played. 

this is a BIG issue for me because I drive at night and it's often WAY too bright. 

some songs you can't see (Because your phone brightness is down) and then others you want to turn down the brightness more...

At night with the brightness down you can't see the name of the song and artist because it's so small of text.

There needs to be a dark mode and a way to change the text size for people with bad eyesight.  

I can see it fine if I am holding my phone but when driving at night and the phone in a holder with the brightness down you can't see that. 


there are some major design flaws here. 


I upvoted this but want to add my voice to the NEED to be able to control the "Now Playing" background color.  It's really terrible that it can't be changed, especially, as others have noted, when the app chooses nauseating yellow or orange for a song. 

Local Performer

Suddenly the background colors are changing by themselves, and there seems to be no setting to enable or disable the feature.  There is also no setting to select the colors you like.  Sorry, this is pretty annoying!  I hope Pandora can add some user settings to fix this.  Some of these colors are sickening!!  I was happier before the change.  If you are going to make a change, then do it right and let people decide for themselves!

Local Performer

Thanks for adding your comment. It's very annoying. If enough people complain they might actually fix it.

Local Performer

This stupid bright red background is killing cones. Whose stupid idea is this? This makes me want to not look at this app. This is a high school level coding issue. Get with it Pandora.