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Ideas: Ability to remove tracks from recently played & search history

Ideas: Ability to remove tracks from recently played & search history

Status: Open Ideas

It would love to be able to delete my search history, don’t like having a long list of old searches

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Please give me the option of deleting specific recently played songs/albums/playlists. Often there are 5 I don't like (that I needed to play to discover) for every one I do.

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Every once in a while, I start listening to a song, then realize it's not the one I was looking for, or sometimes I listen to a song, and don't like it at all, and never want to hear it again.  Then, when I log back into Pandora, there is the album cover staring me in the face in my "Recently Played" section at the top of the screen on my mac desktop.

This is incredibly annoying.  I have to listen to about a dozen new songs/albums to push it off the list, and I don't always have time for that.  And lately, no matter how many songs I listen to, I can't get rid of them!

As much as your artists love themselves, we're not all enamored with their faces, and, as paying customers, we deserve the simple right to delete recently played songs that we don't want to look at anymore.  How in the world is this not one of the first options you came up when when you started the site?  Basic, basic, basic...

I see that many other people have requested the ability to delete recently played songs, too.  It's time, Pandora.  Add this feature for desktops.  This could be a dealbreaker for my family and I if the option isn't added, just because it feels like you don't care enough about your customers to spend 2 hours creating a simple delete button.

Please add this feature ASAP.  If it's there, and I'm overlooking it, please let me know how to do it - and then take the mystery out of it.  It should be easy to find.

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How to delete recently played Pandora songs on Alexa Amazon echo

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YESSSSS!! Let me delete these!!!! They drive me nuts.

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GOOD F’N LORD PANDORA!!!!! How god **ahem** complicated could it be to allow your $13/month premium users to remove a song from the “Recently Favorited” that I favorited the first time I downloaded the app 3yrs ago. They are always the first two  showing up on the list & I no longer want them in there.


how complicated can it be for your engineers to allow a user, god forbid a Premium user, to delete what they want???

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I agree with 

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Needs to clear history now how you do it fukks 

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Make it able to delete searched songs from the search history.

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Pandora doesn't seem to be very interested in acting on any suggestions for improvement. Do you just collect our user fees and ignore updating your features?

Not the definition of "service", IMHO.

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I’ve read posts -so many people with the same complaint- not able to clear or delete recently played. Does Pandora even read these posts? I will drop my subscription if this isn’t remedied soon.  I’ll spend my money on a service that listens to it customers.