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Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Status: Open Ideas


As an avid Pandora user, I (like many others I presume) spend a decent amount of time & energy to curate my various stations. 

In my efforts I have occasionally come across some incorrectly labeled bands/songs/albums...  I believe this happens when more than one band/artist share a (similar) name; however, this can cause some havoc when streamlining a station for a specific genre.

For example, my station, "Goes to 11" features various metal and rock bands.  While delving into some doom metal bands I came across 'Funeral', a Norwegian Funeral Doom Metal band.  To my pleasure, Pandora has them as an available artist (unfortunately Orodruin is not - sad face); however, clicking on their artist page seems to feature what appears to be a rap/hip-hop act named 'Funeral' with a single song "Die Lit" (with the rest of Norway's 'Funeral' doom metal albums beneath.  Mind you, I have no problem with rap/hip-hop but (if I liked this song) I'd categorize it under my 'What? Yeah! Okaaaaaay!" station.  Please note that this isn't the only time that I have come across an error such as this.

Might Pandora consider adding a feature where listeners can "report" when a song/artist/album seems to be mislabeled or grouped incorrectly.  These reports could then be reviewed for accuracy and corrections made as appropriate.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I love the service!




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Diamond in the Rough

I understand the necessity of merging and combining duplicate tracks. If it's the same version and the same quality as the track you initially thumbed up, then it's not such a big deal to have the album that the track comes from switched - particularly if the switch is from a radio-only track to an open-license track.

However, I've seen many occasions where they switch you to an entirely different track.

Examples include:

  • Uncensored version to censored version
  • Studio version to live version
  • Regular version to alternative version
  • Original version to remix version
  • Good-quality version to poor-quality version
  • Correctly-titled track to incorrectly-titled track

I understand that none of are perfect and that mistakes do happen, so I think it'd be nice to have a flagging option installed.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks @blues-sevenfold! Keep the ideas coming. 🎧

On a similar vein, there's a "cover" of 21 Pilots Kitchen Sink by some guy named Aeryk Bacon and it sounds like some random dude mumbling over top the real song, yet it keeps getting suggested on my stations. A report feature would be perfect for things like this.
Local Performer

I've reported on multiple occasions through the support desk and in the past things would often be cleared up in a week or two, but the last few times over the last year or two, no progress has been made and it continues to get worse.

We really need an appropriate mechanism for reporting issues with duplicate names and mis-attributed albums - and as I just found today, missing albums!  Anything would help.

Additionally - @Paradigm, get militant in your use of the down thumb and crap that that should go away eventually.


Is there a way to tag or report songs that somehow get through the filter after disallowing explicit content?  It would be wonderful to be able to report a song once and then not hear it play again a day later while my young children are around.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@emc84 I moved your post to this existing feature request as it sounds like something you are interested in seeing as well.

Thanks for being a part of the community! 

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Just want to add that "Liberateducation" by Authority Zero shows up as "Liberia Dedication." Not quite sure what that means, but it made me laugh
Local Performer

I;ve noticed that songs seem to blend between stations... I;d like to be able to report a song that doesn't belong on a station. Nothing wrong with the song, it just shouldn't be on the station its playing on!

Local Performer

I believe/hope that a thumb down on a song on a station is just for that station, not a condemnation of the song in all contexts.

Local Performer

The artist title "Hana" has been recently changed to include both an Indian music genre artist (new addition) as well as an alternative pop genre artist (originally why I like the artist station). A short listen to the different songs will quickly lead one to the conclusion that these are wildly different artists. It would be great if someone could separate the two.