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Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Status: Open Ideas

It would be nice to be able to save different station shuffles.  For example, the stations I choose to shuffle at work are different than the stations I choose to shuffle at home, and it is a pain going in and unselecting 20 stations and selecting different ones each day.  Also, for holidays we shuffle through several stations with different genres at work, so a  Halloween shuffle, a Thanksgiving Shuffle, a Christmas shuffle, etc would be awesome to be able to have those set rather than having to reselect them each year.



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Currently the only two choices for shuffle are to shuffle all or to manually check or uncheck stations, creating a custom shuffle.

I think it might be cool if we could create custom shuffles saved under a label, like "Metal" or "Happy Mood" or whatever, so we can select from a list of user-created shuffles instead of having to go through each station every time we want a different mix.


I wish that one of the tuning options was to simply select songs to play at random, rather than relying on the algorithms. I have certain songs that I added to my stations that never get played because Pandora doesn't find connections between the station and song. It would be great if I could choose this option and the probability of any song playing was the same.

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Shuffling stations is a great way to get a wider and more eclectic variety of music. It seems to work much better than just adding a variety of artists or songs to a single station. Maybe one way to handle the creation and saving of custom shuffles would be to add to the functionality to the existing play list feature. That is: make it possible to create a play list of stations. A play list of stations could work the same way as existing playlist, except it would shuffle or loop through stations instead of individual music tracks.

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I would love to see this feature, I want to have my Christmas music in a group, my ‘it’s Friday!’ Music in a group, etc....shouldn’t be that hard to do! 

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Very much this!! I've resorted to making stations that have multiple artist seeds, but that doesn't copy over the thumbs I've made on artist stations & I can't get as fine of control over what aspects of each artist to emphasize. (And swapping out groups of stations is just not a feasible option for so many reasons.)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this!!!

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This is an excellent feature that I was just going to post about until I saw this. Would be awesome to be able to group stations in shuffles and save them and then play them just like you would do with a single station.

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Add ability to save a group of shuffled stations. For example I would save  “everyday shuffle” “holiday shuffle” “beach shuffle” “workout shuffle” “thanksgiving shuffle” etc. this would be huge. Right now I have to go through and sift through hundreds of collected stations to creat my custom shuffles. I would pay for this feature. Also make shuffle easier to access on Apple Watch.  Thanks for making Pandora great. 

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Is there an option to have more shuffle stations? I enjoy listening to all kinds of things. 

I use Pandora in the background in my classroom. I'm usually playing Classical, Instrumental movie scores, Classical for studying, Piano guys, etc. 

Then when I hop in my car I want to listen to a different selection of stations. It's a pain to go and select the stations I want to shuffle. 

It'd be nice to have a shuffle I could quickly select. (Christmas mix, Classroom, Garth Brooks and Metallica if that's your thing, etc.)


Hi @Xandad! Thanks for posting to community. 

While this isn't a feature of Pandora, there is an existing feature request for this idea. I've gone ahead and moved your message over to: Be able to save different shuffle selections

The best way to get ideas heard is here on the community Feature Request board. Feel free to browse, comment and most importantly, vote for the ideas you'd like to see on Pandora. 

Hope to see you around community more. 

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  • Is there a way to make playlists for channels you wants to have shuffled? Like one for work, one for jogging, and so on. Why do I have to edit the same ONE over and over. maybe I want to have all my stations (35) working normally, but now I have to turn off 32 of the to enjoy music for a specific time or reason.