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Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Status: Open Ideas

It would be nice to be able to save different station shuffles.  For example, the stations I choose to shuffle at work are different than the stations I choose to shuffle at home, and it is a pain going in and unselecting 20 stations and selecting different ones each day.  Also, for holidays we shuffle through several stations with different genres at work, so a  Halloween shuffle, a Thanksgiving Shuffle, a Christmas shuffle, etc would be awesome to be able to have those set rather than having to reselect them each year.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @DilutedH20. 👋

Nice to see you around the community space. Saving different custom shuffle selections isn't a feature of Pandora at this time.

I moved your post over to this existing feature request created by another community member: Be able to save different shuffle selections

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It would be awesome if we could save our own created 'shuffle states'

Mine would be 

cooking and chores ( todays hits, summer hits)

driving with the kids (music with PG comedy and kids radio)

driving without the kids (no kids radio and adult comedy)

studying (quiet low fi instrumental)

exercising ( high energy, dance, techno, heavy metal)

relaxing ( jazz, acoustic) 



Being able to select a 'shuffle state'  in a click or two would be awesome. Right now its super cumbersome to scroll and add or remove stations every single time. 

Just add a button that says 'save shuffle state as' 

And a button that says 'open shuffle state'

It can't be hard and it would be awesome.  


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How is this not a feature yet? I subscribed to Premium JUST because I thought I could create playlists of different stations. Having to choose songs is outdated and just like Spotify.

Please, let people create playlists for stations ASAP. 

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💯 I would be a premium member if this was feature. Please pandora!
Local Performer

I love listening to different stations for different reasons. The constant need to "check" and "uncheck" stations based on my mood, activity, season, etc., is outdated and makes the app less user friendly. Pandora, please add this feature.

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Where we now enter a checkmark to shuffle stations be able to enter 1-9 then allow the user to assign names to those numbers like 1. Folk 2. Easy Listening 3. dance. Then mark all their stations so they can be in the various categories.

Then be able to shuffle stations on one more of the numbers depending on the music wanted

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I would also like this. I have certain mixes for certain activities, seasons, friends etc. 


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I am looking for a reason to move to Pandora Premium. This would certainly be it. Without this, I'm having a hard time finding a distinguishing feature between Pandora and other streaming services.

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When listening on Android, if I set a playlist or album to shuffle or repeat, that setting is forgotten when the app is fully closed. I would like this setting to be saved until I change playlists (or start listening to a station). Otherwise I have to remember to turn it on every time. This is especially frustrating for shuffle with long playlists because when I reopen the app, shuffle will be off and the playlist will start from the beginning and I will end up always starting a car trip listening to the same song until I manually turn shuffle on and skip. This prevents me from wanting to listen to my "all thumbed up songs" station since it will always start on the same song and instead I always want it to shuffle.

Local Performer

Not much has been updated/changed with Pandora since I started using it many years ago, confused why a perfect feature like this isn't added yet? Seems very easy to implement.

Lot of friends use Amz music, Spotify, XM... they are always playing one artist at a time or one type of music at a time... weak. I am always telling them to use Pandora because you can do shuffle of multiple stations. Great for a mix of tunes (without having to create custom)... want some country added to a beach regae mix... just select one to the mix. oh , now want to make it more party... add in some pop/dance stations to the shuffle! BUT... then I get back to home and want to shuffle my lo-fi hip hop / hotel costes / latin jazz shuffle... its a pain to constantly remove all and re-do it!! Not to mention good christmas music shuffle (jass xmas, holiday hits, christmas classics etc)...! WORKOUT MIX?!?!!!!

Need to be able to save shuffle !! It's 2022... Pandora set your self apart from the competition some... or fade away.... you choose.