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Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Status: Open Ideas

It would be nice to be able to save different station shuffles.  For example, the stations I choose to shuffle at work are different than the stations I choose to shuffle at home, and it is a pain going in and unselecting 20 stations and selecting different ones each day.  Also, for holidays we shuffle through several stations with different genres at work, so a  Halloween shuffle, a Thanksgiving Shuffle, a Christmas shuffle, etc would be awesome to be able to have those set rather than having to reselect them each year.



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Local Performer

Please add this. The ability to save (and label) a custom shuffle would be a great feature and seems so simple. I mostly use Spotify but this would bring me back to using pandora almost exclusively. 

Opening Act

It would be nice (IMO) to have the ability create "Shuffles" to each I could assign a station to. I listen to a lot of different music (Ramones to Alison Krauss) and my stations naturally fit into groups. With this feature I could create my own "sets" of variety and recall and play them based on the group name I gave it with out having to reset my shuffle to play at the moment.


Hi @jman Thanks for posting to Feature Request!

I moved your message over to an existing request that is very similar to yours: Be able to save different shuffle selections

Please be sure to vote, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

Thank you!

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Yes! This is very much needed! It's been over a year since @CatWard 's suggestion; and she's clearly receiving the support. Where are we (pandora) in this process?

Local Performer

PLEASE do this. This has bothered me for years because of not being able to easily switch between shuffle playlists. For people that listen on shuffle this would be a huge improvement.

Local Performer

This would be awesome, especially with the holidays coming up.  Pandora, please give us one good thing in 2020!!

Local Performer

Shuffle station is one of my fav Pandora features.  Since we cant save shuffle stations, are there any current workarounds to achieving something similar to this?

Local Performer

Please make this change. Such a pain reselecting artists and stations when I’m working out, driving, enjoying the holidays, etc...

Local Performer

I absolutely agree and can’t believe this isn’t an option already. My best solution is to make separate accounts at this point. 

Local Performer

Yes yes please