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Ideas: Ability to seed stations with multiple Genres

Ideas: Ability to seed stations with multiple Genres

Status: Open Ideas

Sometimes when I'm listening to music I would like a station based on characteristics of two different genres, and I don't know of any artists or genres that combine them. For instance, I know of no music with a string quartet and syncopated rhythms, so I can't make a station for it even though I know what the relevant characteristics are, or at least could figure out which they were from a list.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hey, @darklyndsea. 👋

Nice suggestion!

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Thanks so much for posting on the community. 🎧

Local Performer

This is a very good idea! While (hopefully) it gets implemented I suggest you try

The Balanescu Quartet (Possesed) String Quartet playing Kraftwerk (doesn't get much more sincopated than that I think!, You might also want to try The Section Quartet. And not strings only but if if you like those two you'll probable like Penguin Cafe Orchestra


I like this idea.  I would also like to be able to select specific characteristics as "must have". or even "must be excluded" 

In the past I have tried to create a channel for "Rock Instrumentals" and another for "Hip Hop Instrumentals" but even though the seed songs were all instrumental my final product always ended up with vocals.

Diamond in the Rough

I've thought about this as well - I was thinking that for any station, either new or existing, you should be able to view the 'gene-based-tuning' and manipulate it directly.  e.g. have a slider, or 'favor value' to be able to turn a specific 'gene', like "heavy syncopation", or "major key tonality" up or down, and to otherwise be able to filter your station, like to narrow in on just stuff released between certain years, for example.

One example was when I tried to make a station of only instrumental music, and another that was more specifically just piano instrumentals.  It took a while of thumbing stations to narrow in on that, whereas it would have been nice to just find the "instrumental" gene and crank it up as the most desired feature.

Opening Act

Love this idea!!

Opening Act

I've put in a feature request that should cover this use case, but it's more directed at how Pandora works internally:

They have a "Music DNA" system that chooses attributes of a style based off the song or artist.  Being able to design this DNA yourself, you could have any genre or mix of genres you wish.

Local Performer

I think it would be very nice to have a way to create a station/add variety using the genes themselves. For instance, I could select syncopation, mixed minor and major tonality, acoustic guitar, vamping, etc., and get a station that selects tracks with those features. I was in the mood to find heavy rock featuring a harp, but had no way to find out if such music existed. I thought for sure that pandora of all places should be able to deliver, based on the nature of the project that it is.

This is what pandora was supposed to be made for. It makes no sense that this feature doesn't exist.