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Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 

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Please Note: This thread is an Ideas post, specifically, the ability to view your billing history. If you would like to this feature for Pandora, click on the heart ❤️ to cast your vote.

If you would like to request a receipt, please visit the following threads for further help:

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Local Performer

Yeah why is this a thing? There really should be an easy way to view your billing history. I'm looking now because I just got charged an annual subscription but I'm pretty sure I cancelled last year. Now I can't even view the history of cancelling or billing. This is absurd. 


Can you please send me my Receipt for the October 9.99 payment? I need it for expenses. 

Local Performer

Please provide account holders access to their own account subscription history...seems like a simple request. That history is not currently available to be reviewed online by the account holder. An online conversation with a Pandora rep was the only way that I was able to extract that information. The same representative would not answer this question - Why can't I access my account subscription history?

Local Performer

Yes, I just chatted and they said to put something in this community forum. Seems as though this isn't going to happen so we have to reach out to a representative everytime you are charged to have a receipt emailed. 

Local Performer

What kind of a **ahem**ed up Company in Pandora where they don't email you a receipt when they charge you OR at a minimum allow you to login and print it yourself.  Pandora should be ashamed of yourself...fix this **ahem** thing for all your loyal customers.



Local Performer

This seems like something that should have been there from the beginning.

Local Performer

I need a receipt for my 2024 subscription renewal.  I'm shocked that this function has not been added. I have had to request this for the last few years now.  This is the most ridiculous and shady practice.  Is Pandora hiding something? I will be cancelling my service once I receive my receipt.  I'm sure that Pandora doesn't care if I cancel my plan or they would stop wasting the time of the subscribers and add this simple service option to subscribers accounts.  I shouldn't have to come to the community board to post and heart others posts to get this added.  This should be automatic. 

Local Performer

I agree, it would be nice to have the option to go in and be able to print a reciept.