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Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 

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Please Note: This thread is an Ideas post, specifically, the ability to view your billing history. If you would like to this feature for Pandora, click on the heart ❤️ to cast your vote.

If you would like to request a receipt, please visit the following threads for further help:

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Local Performer

How can I obtain a receipt for my monthly subscription? I need to submit it expense report with a copy of an invoice to my work place. When I log in I do not fond a way to se billing history or to print a receipt. 
Please help as this is Time Sensitive.

Local Performer

Must have receipts! How can we balance our books if we don't have a receipt?

Local Performer

Absolutely need proof of payment, a receipt, an email, etc. We paid for a year and it keeps saying we need to upgrade again...  It's very frustrating.


Local Performer

I read these comments and so shocked a company like Pandora needs to add "getting a receipt" to their product improvement requests.  It's 2021.  I also use this subscription for business and have to reconcile my credit card receipts.  I've having to screen print these requests for receipts and Pandora's inability to provide them as my backup.  Crazy...

Local Performer

I need a copy of my most recent invoice for Book Keeping.

Local Performer

Up until a few months ago, we received our receipts by email. Now I have to spend hours wading through your website only to find you refuse to proved customers with proof of payment. After a bit of research, I found all businesses are required to provide receipts not only for the customer but to support their income and expenses for tax purposes.   Since Pandor fails to respond to customer's concerns of missing receipts I think the best solution is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.  I strongly urge Pandora to resolve this issue before the FTC decided to look into this illegal practice.  Additionally, I encourage Pandora customers to file their own complaints with the FTC at  to get this issue resolved. 

Local Performer

I understand that Pandora is a tiny little startup that's still working on its basic feature so gee wiz everyone give em a break. Programming is haaaard.

Oh wait, What! Pandora has been around for 15 years, employs 26 000 people and was acquired for 3.5 BILLION$$$

SO **ahem** pandora? How is this still an issue?

Local Performer

Is there a way to get a zero balance receipt in order to get reimburse through an employer?

Local Performer

I'm assuming like most members my monthly Pandora fee is charged to a credit card.  When I'm paying my credit card bill I like to attach a receipt for each charge to the credit card account.  Is there any way I can print my monthly Pandora invoice?  I now get one emailed to me upon request. I appreciate that; but I think a self-service print option is a better use of everyone's time. Thanks.

Local Performer

still need a receipt.  May have to change streaming services if I cannot get a receipt that shows I pay for my subscription.  Literally there is no other service that fails to offer receipts.  Fast food even gives me free food if they forget to give me a receipt.  CVS kills 4 trees per receipt to make sure it's long enough to not be missed.  

The word receipt comes from Old French meaning a list of ingredients for potions and medicine and from Anglo-French meaning to receive in writing details that prove you have acquired said product or service.  From the 1400s.  It's literally a a 600 year old idea.  

Thanks for reading and considering the need for receipts Pandora.