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Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Status: Open Ideas

Does anybody know if the Playlist Screen allows for customization i.e. using your own photos as the music plays?

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Great Idea, I wanted to do that with a playlist I had especially spent much time putting together just for Valentines. Take care and stay safe.  

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I like the thumbnail album being displayed during playing Pandora showing the just played album cover but after a few minutes it defaults to the full screen of the song being played at that time. Is there a way I can keep it on the smaller thumbnail picture?

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+1 for this, it's really difficult to find stations as well and at the very least I'd love the ability to change them to solid colors or simple patterns

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This, and several options to choose from automatically generated covers. i.e. of artists themselves or their logos, or of albums. Perhaps, optionally, even dynamically changing either randomly per session, or artists with most thumbs up, most recently played, newly released album covers, etc etc. 

Maybe even tie in with deviant art and similar sites.


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I would like to change the album photo as well, especially on those songs where all you see is a large music note. Pandora- get some better art for these, please!

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Is this not a feature..?... I am considering a move from Spotify where I have the ability to choose artwork for each of my playlists, but If I have no way to distinguish them, this may not be the right platform for me....


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To those who hate their default station thumbnail:  sometimes the images get "stuck". I went into my "Add variety" section and deleted the song that had the album cover that had become the permanent thumbnail for that station. Then I went and added it right back in. Now the station thumbnail reflects whatever is playing on the thumbnail.

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I had painstakingly chosen and arranged all of my stations to show the artists/album covers that I wanted as the station icon photo. I logged on today to find that over half of them had randomly changed. This is very frustrating. Why can't I just choose which picture (from the ones already offered by Pandora) to display as my station icon? One would think this could be an easily added feature. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to choose which artist/song displays as primary and change it whenever you like.

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Community Manager

@no1wonderfan I moved your post into this existing feature request: Add Custom Album Art on Stations & Playlist

While there isn't a way to select which album art displays on your station, feel free to upvote this existing feature request with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service as well.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!

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This definitely needs to be a feature for all. I see a few curators who have the ability to not only add an image to a playlist, but also create a description for the playlist. Not sure if there is a threshold that needs to be met in order to be given these privileges but I find it odd this isn't a feature already for your community.

Let me know where I can vote on "feature requests"