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Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Status: Open Ideas

Does anybody know if the Playlist Screen allows for customization i.e. using your own photos as the music plays?

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So if adding features to make Pandora easier to use isn't on the list.. what is?

Seems Pandora has gone through many changes over the years to make it more and more difficult to use and enjoy.  

THE ONLY reason I keep paying for it is the algorithm for songs.  It just works.  Thanks for not screwing that up *yet*... I know it's coming (because, what else are you working on?) and that will be the thing that forces me to find something else that has a better interface. 

It's the same formula every company uses to put themselves out of business when they've lost interest.  Solve problems that no one has, then screw up the functionality so bad that everyone stops buying it... I really hope someone comes along and says, "Hey, wait a minute, let's make Pandora the best music streaming service... again!"  and then introduces ideas like high resolution service (Tidal/Quboz) mixed with a vast library, ability to customize cover art for your stations, and so on.. (with tiered pricing, i.e. more profit for you)

I don't know what Pandora's doing but you make it pretty hard to use your software.  I have to do a google search for everything I want to do now... including adding seed artists to a station.  Just ridiculous how difficult or un-intuitive you've made it.  Is it because the record labels are making you do it?  Are we going back to cd's?  What's the deal, Pandora?  Oh wait, just tell me thanks for my suggestions and you'll consider them... hahahahahahahahaha  Yeah right.. you'll consider them trash and move on... I'll keep shuffling along... but wanted to vent, so thanks for providing a forum to do so.

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The feature I miss most was the ability to move a song to another existing station. That was great. Why take that away?

The song playing might not fit my created station that I'm currently listening to, but still might be a song I like or hadn't thought to add to another of my stations. We used to have the ability to move it to that more appropriate station. Makes no sense to remove that.

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this seems like such a simple feature. 2 years later and still nothing...

like if you don't want to allow users to upload random art, maybe at least let us pick the cover of a different album? 

i dont understand why this isnt already a thing. both apple music and spotify have done this for years on playlists.

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PLEASE. Custom cover and station art. And if you can't do that, let US CHOOSE what existing album art to use.

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I would like the ability to change the artist station pic to specific artist's "album covers" or change the pics to when older artists were in their prime.

Examples being changing Kim Wilde's current station pic to her debut album cover or changing Led Zeppelin's station pic to the iconic image of Robert Plant holding the dove on stage.




YES! PLEASE make this a feature.

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Currently, a station’s icon is whatever song/artist/album was first chosen in creating a station. It would be great to be able to change that icon to different album art, or possibly even an uploaded custom photo. 

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It's absurd that this is not an option.  At least to be able to select a different artist's image as the representative image.  An upload option might be more complicated to implement, but letting users select which artist image to display... it's less than an afternoon of development to add that option.

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+ another 1 regarding the ability to select which thumbnail/cover art is displayed for your station picture, even if it isn't using your own pic

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Would be great if this feature was implemented, but it appears that Pandora is not interested in implementing it or many other user-friendly features.