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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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I just want all the music to be at the same volume. Not have to increase /decrease volume on each track change. Doesnt seem that hard a problem to fix.

Local Performer

Is there any site/ app that can be used to equalize the audio before it reaches my speaker? And if so what is it called.


I personally would love to create an API for you, Pandora.

Is there any way of gaining an API key to pandora?


Thank you for your time. 


-A friend

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Another request for an equalizer....    looks like nothing happens here.

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Yep. This is where customer requests go to die.

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Pandora just does nothing and doesnt wonder why users flock elsewhere.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase   ???

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If Pandora won't put EQ function in, give us a list of EQ apps that work with Pandora.  I’ve been trying for some time now, and can’t find one compatible with streaming audio (especially for Apple products), only d/l music off of a player.


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@Pandora Adding this feature seems like an easy way to drastically improve user experience.  If you’re worried about manipulating the original sound, why don’t you allow artists to opt out of EQ similar to what you do with track replays. 

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Would be really nice to have an equalizer for all the reasons previously stated. I am honestly shocked Pandora doesn’t have one. If you are going to compete with the big boys , you need to have the features This is one you should have. It’s not what you want but what your clients want. 


Why haven’t these requests been acted upon? There are no applications that I can find for IOS that will take Pandora as input and EQ the music from Pandora and output that to either the iOS device speakers or Bluetooth attached devices. 
Pandora keeps saying that 1) there are apps that will EQ anything on your device - that’s a lie — and 2) upvote a product improvement request and wait for a response. These requests have existed for YEARS and nothing has happened.
I pay for this service. A useable EQ is a must.