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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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This Dave , I'll make this one easy.How about a concert button.cathederals have been doing this for centuries. 

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Make it to where we can have advanced sound settings and change the hertz its playing at would really help with my subwoofer

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For the love of baby Jesus! Please create a volume leveling option. You're gonna be responsible for busting people's speakers. Just about every other streaming service has this feature. Time to get with the times, Pandora. 

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Android users have the luxury of being able to add a preamp app that will work for any source on the phone like Pandora. iPhone users can’t as far as what I’ve seen online.  This I believe is due to the architectural constraints in IOS.  

Not have a EQ of some kind locks iPhone users out of having any kind of tone control.   

Pandora has been major player in music streaming for years now so it’s unfortunate that this feature has not been added. 

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I’m in complete and total agreement with SO many other of my Pandora brethren regarding y’all embedding an EQ into all Pandora free accounts into a very near future app update/patch. 

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That whole “we don’t alter original recordings” is a copout. Every digital audio device has dome sort of filtering built in. That being said were all listening to poor quality compressed/stripped streaming audio. What pandora is doing is not allowing us to restore audio to a palatable tone. Some people (myself included) have hearing problems such as tinnitus hand not being able to adjust music eq to compensate is absurd. They're essentially saying “me’h whatever” while expecting us to pay to play. Or suffer the free service. 

if a kid in his basement can write an eq app and sell it in the App Stores, it’s not hard for pandora. They just don’t care. 

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spotify has a built in equaliser for their app, i think if pandora wants to compete with spotify they should add one too, so everyone can adjust the audio to their liking.

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A volume equalizer so all songs play at a consistent db level. As is (02/202023) some songs are at a vey low volume and the next is much higher. A few weeks ago this was not the case. Songs had consistent volume/db song to song.

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I want an equalizer for my phone. Sounds so much better from my home  speakers.