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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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Equalizers are useful for compensating for playback equipment or environments. It’s not always about crucifying original intent. Therefore, the reason Pandora gives for not supplying an equalizer is just a lame excuse. Deliver the music undefiled and we will decide if it needs “fixing” on our end.

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Equilizer please

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Definitely need an equalizer for Pandora so we can make our own settings. What’s the problem with that ?

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Pandora's take is that they don't alter from the original recording.  But they don't take into account the vast difference in what people listen with.  Earbuds, cans, computer speakers with (and without subwoofer).  Not to mention the different hearing ranges and challenges every single person deals with including those of us with hearing deficiencies (speaking about the ADA - American with Disabilities Act). 

All of these affect the listening experience ad by all accounts it wouldn't be that difficult to incorporate these controls into the app and web presence.

Please consider doing this for those that have hearing difficulties...


Bluetooth speakers and earphones react very differently to the sound that is put into them. Pandora not altering the original creates the baseline. One would always have the choice to not add EQ. A 7 or 11 band EQ would be great. Just a bass booster or Bass-Mid-Treble three band eq would just be window dressing.

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Right now the issue I’m having is over Bluetooth I have no way of turning the bass down lol. It’s right next to my neighbor and they can probably hear the bass lmao. Anyway my soundbar has no equalizer. My phone has no equalizer. And Pandora has no equalizer so I guess I’ll only play during the day lmao 🤣 anyway I hear what you mean by not wanting to alter the original sound but this would be a nice feature so that even over Bluetooth I will have ability to reduce bass or in the case of wanting more would be nice too! Thanks for hearing me out 😉

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equalizer or a workaround recommendation please. my version of windows 10 realtek audio driver doesn't have the enhancements tab which lets some users adjust their equalization 

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Not just this but (better?) replaygain.

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Hi there,

Pandora's radios and music selection are fantastic. What is missing is some kind of sound equalizer.

A graphic equalizer is a must for those who like to listen to Pandora using hi-fi equipment.

Please consider this feature update.

Best regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@EdSilva I moved your post over to this existing thread: Adjustable / Visual Equalizer

Make sure to upvote this feature request with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service as well.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!